Replica Rolex Air-King is undoubtedly the focus of attention. The series is a tribute to the pioneers of flight. Its diameter of 40 mm case, with oyster solid chain section watchband. Oyster discount, and rich personality black surface. Dial “air-king” (Air King type), the font used in the 1950s for the original watch design.

Replica Rolex Air-King has a clean dial and excellent readability. Same as fake Rolex Sea-Dweller The upper chain crown adopts the Rolex patent double lock and double waterproof system. Which is firmly screwed on the case and has excellent waterproof performance. Additional still configured sapphire crystal glass lens, make wrist watch more sturdy and reliable. This watch belongs to the most basic entry-level preferred fake Rolex, only the most basic three needle design, no calendar display function, the price is approachable.

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